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Apex Test Code Generation

Test classes in minutes. Unleash Apex test code.

Generate Apex tests for complex ORGs in minutes -
no coding required.
For Admins & Developers

Easy to Use

  1. Open in your favorite browser
  2. Login to Salesforce
  3. Pick records in DATA section
  4. CODE section for the test content

Easy Test setup

  • SOQL editor & object/field tree
  • Relationship support
  • Single record display
  • Record → Code


  • Automatic Relationship → Code
  • WYSIWYG: code updates immediately
  • @testSetup on/off
  • system.assert generation

Unleash Apex test code

  • Deal with difficult & rare failures
  • Convert failing scenarios to Apex tests
  • Debug data-dependant issues
  • Life-saver in tough situations
Watch the Quick Start video or scroll through the Quick Start article.
See the Working with Data article.
The Feature List describes the functionality in detail.
4 brief demos that show how Code Robot works (silent, each ~30 sec.)
1. Test Setup: Pick Data Records that convert to code (incl. relationships)
2. Create a DML Test without coding
3. Execute a Test
4. Call custom code in a test method incl. Asserts