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Apex Test Code Generation

Unleash Apex test code.

Save time & energy:
Generate a test in minutes.

Latest release 5.290
Added: Modify recorded field values

No coding required
Serves admins & developers
Any ORG complexity

Easy to Use

  1. Open in your favorite browser
  2. Login to Salesforce
  3. Pick records in DATA section
  4. CODE section for the test content

Easy Test setup

  • SOQL editor & object/field tree
  • Relationship support
  • Single record display
  • Record → Code


  • Automatic Relationship → Code
  • WYSIWYG: code updates immediately
  • @testSetup on/off
  • system.assert generation

Unleash Apex test code

  • Deal with difficult & rare failures
  • Convert failing scenarios to Apex tests
  • Debug data-dependant issues
  • Life-saver in tough situations
Watch the Quick Start video or scroll through the Quick Start article.
See the Working with Data article.
The Feature List describes the functionality in detail.
4 brief demos that show how Code Robot works (silent, ~30 sec. each)
1. Test Setup: Pick Data Records that convert to code (incl. relationships)
2. Create a DML Test without coding
3. Execute a Test
4. Call custom code in a test method incl. Asserts